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For Naturals 

What is “Transitioning?”
Transition is the period of time from when you decide to stop relaxing your hair, to having 100% natural hair

If I decide to transition, how do I begin this process?
I would suggest making an appointment with a stylist and talking about your styling options.

The best solution is to wear your hair in a style that doesn’t require daily grooming like combing, brushing, or blow drying. Some people experience breakage when growing out of chemically treated hair. If you think you just can’t let go of that length, be prepared for some breakage. The place where the natural hair and the chemically treated hair meet is a weak spot. Be extra kind and gentle. Every four weeks as the new growth gets longer an inch or so of the chemically treated hair at the ends can be cut off until all your hair is natural.

How do I care for my Natural hair?
If you have super curly, kinky or nappy hair, your hair is best handled damp/wet.

You may find it easiest to comb it with a wide tooth comb.

If shampooing and styling your hair at home in between visits to the salon, make sure you are using a leave-in conditioner/ detangler this will help make combing a little easier.

If you’re unbraiding or untwisting your hair and get to some tangles, pull them loose with your fingers before combing.
Make sure you keep your hair well moisturized. When laying down or sleeping make sure your hair is tied up in a silk or satin bonnet, cap or scarf or use a satin pillow case, to prevent friction. And when showering or taking a bath wear a shower cap.

For Locs

What are the basic stages of locs?

*Birth (Starter)
There are several methods in which we have chosen at Knotti By Nature to use to start locs. The most common would be comb coils…. Another option would be two-strand twists dependent upon the texture and length of your hair at the time. The other method options are interlocking, braids and Instant

This might be the toughest stage where you wonder what’s going on with your hair. Your hair will be too short to lie down or be styled.

About 12-18 months after starting your locs, you should be at this stage, where your locs are long enough to lie flat or hang down. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom. You will enjoy your locs more and will begin to wear your locs in different styles.





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