› What is “Transitioning?”
Transition is the period of time from when you decide to stop relaxing your hair, to having 100% natural hair

› What is the “Big Chop”?
When you decide to cut your relaxed hair off and go natural not too long after your last relaxer.

› What are my styling options after the “Big Chop”?
TWA, Starting your locs, and Comb coils

› What is a TWA?
TWA stands for Teeny Weeny Afro and is the first stage after a big chop when you have less than 2 inches of hair after the Big Chop.

› If I decide to transition how do I begin this process?
I would suggest making an appointment with a stylist and talking about your styling options.

The best solution is to wear your hair in a style that doesn’t require daily grooming like combing, brushing, or blow drying. Some people experience breakage when growing out of chemically treated hair. If you think you just can’t let go of that length, be prepared for some breakage. The place where the natural hair and the chemically treated hair meet is a weak spot. Be extra kind and gentle. Every four weeks as the new growth gets longer an inch or so of the chemically treated hair at the ends can be cut off until all your hair is natural.

› What is Steam Therapy?
Steam Therapy is a deep conditioning treatment using water/steam with unlimited benefits to the health of your hair and scalp. Improves elasticity, Cleanses scalp and removes dead skin, Stimulates the scalp  & opens pores enabling hair growth, Healthy cuticle leaving your hair smooth and softer, Controls sebum production decreasing woresome dandruff, Hair/scalp hydration and stops dryness and breakage.

› How do I care for my natural hair?
If you have super curly, kinky or nappy hair, your hair is best handled wet. You may find it easiest to comb it with a wide tooth comb. If shampooing and styling your hair at home in between visits to the salon, make sure you are using a leave-in conditioner/ detangler this will help make combing a little easier.

If you’re unbraiding or untwisting your hair and get to some tangles, pull them loose with your fingers before combing.
Make sure you keep your hair well moisturized. When laying down or sleeping make sure your hair is tied up in a silk or satin bonnet, cap or scarf or use a satin pillow case, to prevent friction. And when showering or taking a bath wear a shower cap.

› How long does my hair need to be to get 2-strand twists?
Texture plays a big part in this style. With the kinkier curl patterns, 3 inches should do the trick but with looser curl patterns, 4 to 5 inches is necessary.

› What shouldn’t I use on my hair and skin?
Stay away from products that have any of the following ingredients: Sodium lauryl (SLS) or laureath sulfate (SLES).. (SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, ETHER , or DX2495- “may cause hair loss”) DEA (DIETHYLOLAMINE), MEA (MEAETHYLOLAMINE) , TEA (TRIETHYLOLAMINE) , DMHM Hydantoin & urea, FD & C color pigments, fragrances/perfume (PHTHALATES) , mineral oil (PETROLATUM), proplyene Glycol and butylene glycol, triclosan, petroleum (PETROLATUM)  and 1,4 Dioxane. Formaldehyde, Imidazolidinyl urea, Glyoxal, Oxaldehyde, Parabens, Proplylene Glycol, PVP/VA copolymer, Synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances. Any of these ingredients are harmful and damaging to your hair and internal organs and could cause mild to serious illness. Read the label of everything you put on your hair or skin, and if you see any of these ingredients, don’t use them.

› Can I get locs if I have relaxed hair?
 Your hair will have to be completely natural to form Traditional Locs.

› What techniques are used to start locs?
Comb Coils, Finger Twists, Braiding, Interlocking and Two strand Twists. The technique used to start your locs is based on the individuals’ hair texture, desired loc size & length of hair when starting them.

› How long will it take my locs to form?
Starting locs take anywhere from 2-5 hours in the salon on your first visit. Once you begin the process, and depending upon the texture will take 6-12 months for your locs to form.

› How often do I need to come and have my locs groomed?
In the budding stages every 2-3 weeks
After your locs have matured, loc maintenance can be every 4-6 weeks.

› How do I care for my locs in the meantime at home?
The hair should be washed with shampoo as often as you see fit (if you work out a lot you may need to wash regularly). Be gentle when washing, as locs tend to unravel with vigorous motions. Try to stay away from conditioning the hair, as this will soften the hair and make it harder to loc. If you desire a conditioner, try using a leave-in product. Gently towel dry the hair; you do not want to unravel the locs. Another good way to gently dry the hair is to wrap a towel around your head and leave it for about 10 minutes.
You should oil the scalp as necessary, usually 2-3 times a month.

How do I prevent my locs from becoming dry and brittle?
Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and use good moisturizing products.

If my locs/ natural hair seem to feel and be dry and brittle, what can I do?
Ask us about our Steam Therapy/Detox Conditioning service

What are the basic stages of locs?

  1. Birth (Starter)
    There are several methods in which we have chosen at Knotti By Nature to use to start locs. The most common would be comb coils…. Another option would be two-strand twists dependent upon the texture and length of your hair at the time.
    I have started locs using micro box braids (without extensions) and backcombing but when you come in for maintenance the twist or palm roll method will be used.It is very important that you not start your locs too thin or too small because as locs grow, if they’re too thin, there’s a possibility that they’ll break off.
  2. Teen
    This might be the toughest stage where you wonder what’s going on with your hair. Your hair will be too short to lie down or be styled.
  3. Mature
    About 12-18 months after starting your locs, you should be at this stage, where your locs are long enough to lie flat or hang down. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom. You will enjoy your locs more and will begin to wear your locs in different styles.

For more information or you would like to talk about your styling options with a professional contact the salon to make an appointment for a face-to-face, one-on-one consultation a fee may apply. Call salon @ 919 845 4888